Position Descriptions

Executive Board and Descriptions

All positions and their duties can be furthered explained in our bylaws which can be downloaded here: iitAIAS Chapter Bylaws.

Nominations can be made through our online form.

President: The face and executive head of iitAIAS. The President oversees all activities involving the AIAS chapter. Acts as the spokesperson and representative of iitAIAS and the College of Architecture at Regional and National Conferences.

Vice-President: Organizes the agenda for all meetings at the College of Architecture. The Vice Presidents assumes all duties of the President at the absence of the current president. Duties involve facilitating all national conferences such as Quad, Forum and Grassroots.

Secretary: Keeps record and minutes of discussions at any and all meetings/events. Duties also involve keeping record of member attendance at every meeting. Secretary shall conduct coordination between the Vice President and Chapter Correspondence.

Treasurer: The financial head of iitAIAS, the treasurer keeps track of all transactions made by the chapter. Duties involve proposing and documenting all budgets of the chapter for SAF and shall report to the chapter all matters concerning SAF decisions.

AIA Liaison: In charge of fostering a positive relationship between the AIAS chapters of Chicago and AIA Chicago. AIA Liaison shall attend regular meetings held by the AIA Chicago Board of Directors and share all relevant information back to local AIAS chapters.

Freedom By Design Captain: Official head of Freedom by Design. The Captain oversees all local initiative and is the go to person for all things FBD related. Captain shall conduct client interviews and selection processes for projects .

Chair Positions and Descriptions

Event Coordinator: Works closely with the Treasurer and the Office of Campus life in order to coordinate and execute all approved events for the semester. Duties includes researching and contacting venues, catering services, and any business in order to insure the success of all events.

Fundraising Chair: Collaborating with the Vice President, Fundraising Chairs will be responsible for the coordination and execution of all fundraising events that will aid funding for Regional and Nations Conferences, FDB Projects , and other costs.

Membership Chair: In charge of being knowledgeable with all membership details, the Membership Chair shall answer and help all members with questions regarding membership. Duties include keeping record of all active AIAS members and distributing relevant information pertaining membership.

PR/Marketing Chair: Works together with the Treasurer to design all iitAIAS sign-age and print. Duties include help with the creation of promotional videos and fliers of membership, events, and conferences.

High School Outreach Chair: Works together with the President in order to provide fun and educational outlets for High School Students who are interested in studying and wanting to learn more about the field of architecture.

Year Representatives: iitAIAS aims to coordinate their efforts with the needs and wants of all COA Students. In order to be able to provide useful and significant events and activities, we are looking for one representative for each year. This person would serve as a connection between their respective year, and iitAIAS. As the year representative, you are encouraged to provide feedback for iitAIAS on events and happenings, suggests things you think will benefit or interest students in your year, and spread the word to your peers about iitAIAS events and happenings.

External Relations Chair: The external relations chair is responsible for outreach to the architecture community in Chicago to coordinate firm tours, portfolio reviews, and other professional development opportunities. They will work closely with the AIA Liaison to coordinate professional development efforts and provide information on licensure. The person with this position would sit on the AIA Board for the 2014 year. This position is designed to prepare someone for the position of AIA Liaison

Freedom By Design (FBD) Project Manager: Oversees each specific FBD project and establishes schedules for meetings, design Charrettes, construction documents, and construction phase. Coordinates with client, teams, and contractors in every phase of the project.

FBD Fundraising Chair: Develops fundraising strategies for FBD and manages how funds are allocated and spent. Duties also involve locating donated materials for construction. Works with Captain and Project Manager to facilitate project success.

FBD PR/Historian Chair: Records the progress of the FBD design through various digital medium. Duties involve assembling media for announcements and chronicling each project and reporting them to Nationals for FORUM and Grassroots.

Social Chair: Responsible for organizing all socials, including but not limited to: Beaux Arts Ball, End of Semester Socials. This is a new chair position and has much room to expand on its responsibilities and description.

International Relations: Responsible for making sure the the iitAIAS does not loose touch with its members studying abroad, and helps build relations with architecture students on a more international basis. This is a new chair position and has much room to expand on its responsibilities and description.


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