Elections Brief

Welcome to the iitAIAS Elections Page. Here you will find all current information on the election process for the 2013-2014 academic year. Running for any position in our AIAS Chapter is a great way to get to know what AIAS is about both at a local level and nationally. iitAIAS has made it its mission to foster and promote  relationships amongst our students, our university and professionals and its through our future leaders that this legacy will continue. Are you ready to be a part of one of the most respected AIAS Chapter in the county? Do you want to learn leadership skills that are valuable in our profession? If so, throw your name on the ballot and run to become the next leader of iitAIAS. Good luck and happy campaigning.


• To be considered for a position you must be nominated or self nominated. All nominations should be sent to AIAS via the online nomination form.

• Once a nomination is received, an email will be sent to the nominee with 48 hours and they can either respectfully accept or decline a nomination. Nominations will close Wednesday February 27

• Once a nominee accepts, they will have to write and email a letter of intent regarding their qualifications. These are due Thursday February 28th by 11:59pm. All letters of intent should be sent to aias@iit.edu

• ONLY those running for an Executive Board must write and present a speech (please keep within 3min) at the next General Body Meeting on March 1st 2013.

• Chair positions are appointed by the Executive Board. We currently have open Chair positions available. If interested please email AIAS.

• If there are any vacant positions on election day we will take nominations from the floor.

• All votes will be tallied and results will be released within a week’s time from the day of the election.

• Once an Executive  Board is elected, they will then decide the appointment of every Chair on the board. At this time all nominations towards Chair Positions will be evaluated and once all decisions are made they will contact all current and nominated Chair Members.

* Any running nominee holds the right to withdraw from the race with a letter of notice to the elections committee.

* For further and complete information on elections please consult our Chapter Bylaws which can be downloaded here: iitAIAS Chapter Bylaws.

*The iitAIAS Elections Committee  holds the right to change and make corrections to the elections process and guidelines.


02.01  Nominations are Open

02.27  Nominations are Closed

02.28  All letters of intent must be received by 12:59pm to be considered. Late letters of intent will not be considered so please send these in a timely manner.

03.01 Elections will take place at the General Body Meeting.

03.02-03.07 Election Results will be posted via iitAIAS Blog.

04.15 All Chair positions will have been evaluated by the new Executive Board and appointed personnel will be contacted. This process can take time and depending on the process results can be released earlier or later.


All nominees are able to promote and campaign for themselves and foster healthy competition amongst each other. Communicate with AIAS members in order to earn that vote! All nominees can send 1(one) Graphic to the Elections Committee to be placed on our blog for campaigning purposes. All graphics will be uploaded within 48 hours.  Please keep all graphics PG-13. Please email graphic to aias@iit.edu 


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