Announcing your new 2013-2014 iitAIAS Executive Board

iitAIAS is proud to announce your 2013-2014 iitAIAS Executive Board! Congratulations to our newly elected officials and congratulations to all the candidates who ran for a position. It is exciting to see so many active members and individuals taking part in the elections process. Our Chapter will only keep growing, it will keep fostering new relationships and nurture current ones, and it will produce more and more active leaders that will shape our campus and our college. We all have full confidence in our newly elected leaders and we can’t wait for what’s is to come!

iitAIAS would also like to  thank its members for taking time to vote for their leaders, our faculty advisor Dean Sennott for his tremendous support and guidance, the faculty and staff of the College of Architecture, Finance Board & the Office of Campus Life for their support and generosity, and our university: The Illinois Institute of Technology.

Without further ado! Here is your iitAIAS Executive Board for the 2013-2014 Year!

President: Ashleyann Sanabria


Vice-President: Taylor Chan


Secretary: Teresita Pineda


Treasurer: Bowen Lu


AIA Liaison: Spencer Olsufka


Freedom by Design Director: Amanda Hardt


Past -President: Aldair Renteria





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