ANNOUNCING: 3rd annual Mess with Mies Competition



“Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe has been revered by many as an innovator in architectural pedagogy, pioneer of modern architecture, and as “one of the great artist-architect-philosophers of his age, acclaimed as a genius for his uncompromisingly spare design, his fastidiousness and his innovations.

In this respect the buildings reflected the man, for Mies was fussy about himself. A large, lusty man with a massive head topping a 5-foot, 10-inch frame, he dressed in exquisitely hand-stitched suits of conservative hue, dined extravagantly well on haute cuisine, sipped the correct wines from the proper goblets, and chained-smoked hand-rolled cigars”. – New York Times

We would like to celebrate the legacy of Mies in with our 3rd annual Mies themed design competition MESS WITH MIES.

The objective of this competition is to deviate from the popular views of Mies and his legacy. Your submission should be a reinterpretation of Mies, his legacy, his architecture, and or his appearance.


Intent to submit must be receive by March 15th 12:00pm (please send an email to with your name, year, and best contact information, i.e. phone and email)

Due date is March 25th

Submissions accepted in 3410 South State Street (lobby) cross street 34th and State Chicago, IL 60616 – between 7:00 – 8:30pm

Judging will take place on the March 27th

Submission requirements:

– A 2D, 3D or Digital format (you are not limited to any material)

– A title

– A statement: No more than 100 words describing your work emailed to

(Keep in mind that your work will be moved to different locations so provide us with any necessary handling instructions). Supplementary contract will follow submission

Judging of the submission:

Voting will take place on, March 27th, 6:00pm S.R. Crown Hall in conjunction with Mies’ actual birthday and a lecture sponsored by the Mies Van der Rohe Society.  The winner will be announced at the end of the lecture.

Prizes are as follows ($ will be on a gift card of choice from the School Store)

1st  – $300

2nd – $150

3rd – $50

Download above details here.


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