Midwest Quad Informational Meeting

Interested in attending an AIAS Quad Conference? Come to an informational session and learn about what it means to go to an AIAS Conference and what you will be doing and experiencing. Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to attend an AIAS Conference. There is life outside of studio and going an AIAS Conference is the first step! Network with professionals, architecture students in the Midwest area and of course see the architecture of Milwaukee!

Update: Due to a communication hiccup we are sorry to have caused any inconvenience  to anyone who showed up to today’s Informational Session. Below are the correct dates and time and the sessions will be next week Tuesday and Thursday! Hope to see you there!

Informational Session 01 will take place Tuesday February 26 @ 1:00pm in Crown-Room 10

Informational Session 02 will take place Thursday February 28 @ 1:00pm in Crown-Room 10

Timeline for Registration

Early Bird: Ends March 1st ($35)

Regular Registration: Starts March 2nd  ($40-$50)

All track and schedule information can be found on the Spring Quad Website:



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