Reminder! Round Table Discussions Today

Round table discussions are a great way to get your thoughts, ideas and opinions known to others and through AIAS you might just make your ideas a reality. We have awesome topics which include Civic Engagement, Issues in Architectural Education, Resources for students, and Future Cities. Come ready to discuss and be part of the conversation!


More info in our Membership Week Page:


Outline of Discussions:

Civic Engagement

How can civic engagement become integrated into education?

What opportunities are there for architecture students to become more engaged with their communities?

How can architecture enhance disaster relief?

How can civic engagement be used to promote a wide public awareness of architecture?

What is the role of the architect to advocate to the public the importance of thoughtful design?

Issues in Architectural Education 

How can architectural education enhance the path to licensure?

What are some alternatives to reduce the tangible costs of the studio environment while still providing a powerful learning experience?

How does architectural education become more inclusive of all social and economic backgrounds?

It is natural for studio courses and their environment s to create their own culture, how do we assure it does not become an all-consuming aspect in the lives of students?



What resources are currently not available to students of architecture that are imperative to great output of work?

What is the importance of proper model photography, what resources are needed?

Software is only available in the computer lab, would productivity increase if students could download appropriate software onto personal computers?

The shop was expanded 2 years ago, has this benefited the students?

Currently lower core serves as a “lounge”, is this space sufficient enough for the needs of a building that operates 24/7?


Future Cities

Using China as a precedent, how do we as architects position ourselves to keep up with demand?

Are cities growing to fast? How do we as architects keep up the pace?

What are the impacts of cultural collaboration in architecture?

What is the importance of revitalizing current infrastructure?



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