Reminder! ADA Charrette Hosted by Freedom by Design!

ADA-01Metropolis Magazine is hosting a Design Competition. They are challenging us to develop solutions that empower, advance, and include groups often overlooked in the design process (including but not limited to, our rapidly increasing aging population and citizens with disabilities). The form is up to you; consider how tech-savvy people are becoming and what devices, materials, and modes of transportation will stay relevant 20 years from now. They are offering a $10,000 prize to the winning design. While I was talking with a resource expert at a hospital about reaching out to other clients she mentioned the fact that most of the people in the city are renting their homes and are not able to make permanent changes to their residences. One issue common is how to circumvent the stairs when an elevator is not feasible and the building owner is not willing to upgrade to ADA standards. She mentioned that she frequently calls the nonemergency help line to get firefighters to help people down the stairs in wheel- chairs. The whole idea behind the charrette is making a removable adaptable and economical solution to implementing a ramp within their building. We are looking for anything from a really strong conceptual design to a well thought out detailed design. We will start out in small groups and then iron out the details into a cohesive plan. The goal of this project is to produce a maximum of ten images to explain our design along with a business plan explaining how we would use the prize money to further the design and implement it into the real world.

Membership Week Page:



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