United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) Design Competition



The Architecture Commission of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology  (USITT) is pleased to announce a design Competition to create the USITT Architecture Exhibit.  This is an opportunity for young designers to show their talents to the world. This is a real world design problem with the challenge to create and install an innovative exhibit  to display the 2013 USITT Architecture Awards at USITT’s  upcoming  Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Between March 20th & 23rd, 2013 over 3,000, theatre professionals,  architects, designers and press from around the world will be attending the conference. The display is an anchor attraction on the main Expo floor.

The 2013 exhibit will included the Nine 2013 Architectural Award Winners, the Eighteen submissions,  plus the 30 “Ideal Theatre” submissions. These images range  in size from 24″x30″ to 12″x12″, all mounted on ridged materials  provided by USITT for final installation.

Being a temporary installation the designer  is able to  challenge traditional concepts of displaying flatwork. There are no restrictions on how the images are viewed or experienced. The scale of the exhibit is intimate with a foot print of 12’x20′ and no more than 12′ high. The exhibit can be passive or interactive. The designer can construct the exhibit of any material the designer they like. The designer can take the approach the exhibit  is a stage set, a graphic display, a sculpture, an architectural environment, It is up to the designer to push the limits.

The competition is open to college and university art, theatre and architectural students.  This can be part of a formal class or as an independent project.   Recent graduates less than 6 years out of school can also enter.    Because  the winning designer is responsible  to construct and install the exhibit,  teams are encouraged.   All entries are due to the Competition Chair by 21 February 2013.  A profession jury will select  the winning entry and award the contract to build and install the exhibit by February 28th.   The install can start  March 18th, and must be complete for  the opening of the conference on March 20th.

The intent of the Competition is to give the designers a quick sketch problem that has the possibility of being built. This is a great opportunity for young designers to put their work in front of Industry Professionals. There is no cost to enter the competition. The submissions is emailed to the Competition Chair for selection. The presentation can be in any form the designer wants,  renderings, drawings, movie, photos of models, etc as it is a PFD smaller than 4mbs.

I hope to see submissions from your students.

Sincerely,  Competition Chair.



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