IIT “Project Yellow” initiatives published in Crit Magazine


iitAIAS’ Project Yellow (formally High School Outreach) initiatives were published in the Fall 2012 Issue of Crit; Journal of the American Institute of Architecture Students. Below is a brief excerpt:

“We’ve walked in their shoes, made the daunting career decisions, but few take the initiative to introduce the youngsters to the journey. When was the last time you asked a child about what he or she wanted to be when they grew up and the response was “An architect”, instead of “Doctor” or “Astronaut”? Though some high school students directionless before graduation, many have a sense of purpose and are actively searching for the right major, the right profession, and the right lifestyle to pursue. Unfortunately, the vast majority of students are unfamiliar with the opportunities that architecture can provide and the societal impact  of an architect. Little is done to ensure high school students are aware of design related careers; instead most are steered towards more “practical” choices. As those most relatable to the students looking for guidance, it is important that we, as students of architecture, actively advocate for the next generation…”

Thank you Martin Missaiel, the 2012-2013 Project Yellow Coordinator for your dedication to this initaitive and the IIT College of Architecture for their continual support of the iitAIAS chapter and its endeavors. A special thanks to President Renteria, Past President Gann, and Crit Editor Laura Meador for their assistance in publishing the article.

If you would like to read the article in its entirety please visit the AIAS website to subscribe or Join Today to enjoy Crit as one of the many benefits of membership.


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