ATTN: Internship Opportunity

Redmoon’s mission is to create artistic events that disrupt everyday life and provide opportunities for public engagement, community building, and recognition of the possibility for change. Founded in 1990 to promote a unique brand of Spectacle performance committed to civic well-being, Redmoon creates unique theatrical experiences that galvanize community and celebrates the human imagination.  With a style that is equal parts puppetry, pageantry, gadgetry, robust physical performance and visual art installation, Redmoon’s core competency is its ability to provide an array of cultural events that meet the highest formal artistic standards and the city’s civic interests.
Redmoon’s highly visual artistic language speaks across social, economic and generational boundaries, attracting a dynamic audience who enjoys the broad appeal of Redmoon’s events, from its high profile collaborations and outdoor Spectacle performances, to its private commission-based events and community-focused Neighborhood Arts Programming. Evaluation of the past year has shown that Redmoon’s audience has expanded to include a strong family presence while reaching an annual audience attendance in 2010 of approximately 27,000 people from across Chicago.
Redmoon’s intern company is an essential group of collaborating artists who support the overall artistic and organizational tasks of the theater. In exchange for this support, interns receive training in spectacle art techniques, in-depth exploration of Redmoon’s art-making practices from design and construction to workshop and performance, as well as access to Redmoon’s core artistic staff and unique community of artistic collaborators.
Redmoon is committed to training emerging artists and arts administrators in the skills of spectacle. Internships are 15-25 hours per week (occasional evenings and weekends) and are unpaid.

Emerging Artist Internship
Redmoon’s intensive Build Shop Internship program provides training in spectacle art techniques. Emerging artists of all backgrounds experience an in-depth exploration of Redmoon’s art-making practices from design and construction to workshop and performance. Interns support the construction of original art objects and installation materials used in Redmoon events, while developing enduring skills and learning a philosophy of collaborative creativity. Internship sessions are 10-14 weeks, with a Thursday-Saturday 9:00-5:00 schedule. Our winter session’s tentative dates are January 10 – March 30. Skills required: Basic art making skills and experience in at least one of the following, construction, painting, sculpture, costume, architecture, film, animation, or other creative disciplines.• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail with proven ability to manage multiple tasks and work both independently and collaboratively.• Ability to be flexible, imaginative, solve problems creatively and have a sense of humor.• Familiarity with spectacle and a clear understanding of Redmoon’s mission is desirable.

To Apply, email with your cover letter, resume and portfolio.


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