Onward to the Robie House!

Come see one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Masterpieces! iitAIAS is proud to host the Robie House tour on September 1st. Sign up for tickets here (http://tinyurl.com/robiehouse2012) Link will be live Wednesday August 22nd so don’t miss out! Want to know more about ittAIAS? Look us up on Facebook or shoot us an e-mail (aias@iit.edu)


2 Replies to “Onward to the Robie House!”

  1. Hi, I have signed up for the tour but I don’t know when and where the tour begin and how can I pay for the ticket?
    Yingu Pan

    1. Hi, if you signed up for the tour, the Office of Campus Life should be sending you an email on whether you were awarded a ticket or not. We only have about 25 spots for the tour so if you did receive one you have to go to the office of campus life in the MTTC and pay for your ticket. All the information about the tour and where we are meeting are on the ticket once you purchase. Again you have to be notified by the Office of Campus Life if you were awarded a spot. You can always go there in person and look it up if you are unsure. Good luck and Have a great week!

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