Freedom By Design: ready….launch!

As we begin to finish off the semester we wanted to re-introduce ourselves and the new Freedom By Design crew.

Team Captain – John Pasowicz
– Oversees local initiative
– Point person for AIAS Office
– Attends annual training session
– Leads client interviews, selection process submits required AIAS progress reports
Project Manager – Tran Nguyen
– Oversees specific FBD project
– Establishes schedule
– Coordinates approval process
– Communicates directly with target client
– Coordinates individual team progress
– Coordinates contractors (if necessary)
– Oversees specific FBD projects
Fund Raiser – Sarah Harvey 
– Develops fund raising strategy
– Locates donated materials
– Requests funds from AIAS National Office
– Works with Captain and Project Manager to facilitate success
Public Relations Coordinator/ Historian – TBA
– Records progress of team (multi-media)
– Assembles media announcements for release
– Assembles evidence for FORUM and Grassroots presentations
– Assists fund raiser
Team Members – All of you
– Works collaboratively to design/ implement solutions
– Attends scheduled meetings, builds
– Assists with approval process
– Assists with fundraising
Design Mentor and Construction Mentor – Professor Micheal Glynn and Professor Gregory Grzeslo

Thats a highlight of our new team and structure. We would like to have an informational meeting Wednesday May 2nd at 6:00pm Lower Core to discuss with those interested; positions, our first project!, and summer opportunities. Email attn:Freedom By Design with comments and questions.

Edgar Martinez Project
iitAIAS Freedom By Design™ has been announced as a partner with SAIC Freedom By Design™ on the Edgar Martinez Project. 
Edgar Martinez was a teacher in the Chicago Public School system.  After reporting a student for selling drugs, he was targeted by that same student, and shot several times in his home.  He is now confined to a wheelchair.  His two story home is not only woefully inaccessible for someone of his limited mobility, but is also falling into disrepair because he is unable to perform the necessary maintenance.
We have started a fundraising campaign and with the help of the community and YOU we will be able to redefine Edgar’s access to his home.  Please follow the link and share it to assist in reaching our goal.

“What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other?” – George Eliot


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