Rotterdam plays host to the newly remodeled Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi), which is currently having an exhibition entitled TESTIFY! The Consequences of Architecture. Below are some notes on the exhibition:

Testify! is all about taking responsibility. Taking responsibility for formulation solutions for complex and urgent social, economic and ecological issues, and for reflecting critically on the consequences of the resulting architecture design. Testify! presents 25 international projects by designers who are committed to shaping a more sustainable society. In the exhibition, the designers invite people to give feedback on their projects. Residents and users were interviewed and asked to say whether, in their opinion, the designers have succeeded in achieving their goals. The projects range from buildings such as homes, schools, libraries and community centers that have already been built, to experiments and interdisciplinary ideas conceived by think-tanks and research groups. Despite their extremely varied practical and conceptual natures, the projects have a considerable number of important features in common. Each of the projects was designed around the specific environmental, social and community features of the locality. Moreover, every designer believes passionately and absolutely in the potential of architecture as a force for positive change. 

‘Architecture is re-inventing itself. No wonder we can be amazed at what it looks like’  – Ole Bouman

‘Reality makes any new building necessarily unfinished and imperfect, though perhaps perfectible in time’ – Lukas Feireiss

‘The users are the witnesses you need in order to find out about the quality of good architecture’ – Ole Bouman

If you want to make progress, you have to try something new’ – Arno De Geest

‘It’s much easier to stir up the initial energy for an ambitious project, but much more challenging to truly sustain it over the long term’– Dagmar Quentin

‘This non-space has received a soul, simply through the personal and collective memories of all those involved there’ – Marlies Rustemeyer

‘The main design was not engaged on a spatial or Architectural but on a social level’ – Ulrike Seybold

Why not come up with a creative solution to social issues instead of just telling people what they already knew?’ – Rick Lowe

‘It is possible to create an entire integrated experience of artwork, architecture, and nature’ – Iwan Baan

Below are some more photos from NAi


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