ARCAM – Amsterdam

Just wanted to share the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture – ARCRAM with everyone. While in Amsterdam I stopped by the center and checked out their exhibit “Glimpses 2040 New York/Amsterdam”; an exhibition highlighting the future of these similar cities. Here are some notes from the exhibitions newspaper handout:

New York and Amsterdam are exploring their long-term futures

Each city is affected by shifting demographics, changes in climate, energy transitions, and global economic patters. They share extensive water fronts, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and a long tradition of international collaboration and cultural diversity. The cities’ plans focus on creating vibrant and sustainable urban environments.

Glimpses of New York and Amsterdam in 2040 presents an exchange program between the Center for Architecture in New York and Amsterdam Centre for Architecture (ACRAM). The Organizations commissioned architects and landscape architects in both cities to contemplate the “future of the future,” with an emphasis on five basic necessities for living: breathing, eating, making, moving and dwelling.

Each glimpse is a powerful statement on the future of daily life in New York and Amsterdam. Combined, they provide insight into the way in which the cities may address long-term planning issues: the relationship between recreational and working waterfronts; the ecology, remediation and preservation of natural habitat; the role of transportation in better connecting cities.

The foundations these proposals can already be seen – the goal is that these provocations may influence the direction of each city’s efforts

Photos from the Exhibition:


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