Spring 2011 Midwest Quad Conference Recap

April 1-2, 2011 the AIAS Chapter at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (SIUC) hosted the Spring 2011 Midwest Quad Conference. At AIAS Quad Conferences, students from different universities have the opportunity network with other future architects and attend workshops organized by the host chapter and their university. 12 members of the local iitAIAS Chapter made the trek to represent our school, participate in the activities, attend the keynote lectures and social event. This semester’s theme was “No Boundaries No Limits, Discovering the Art in Architecture.” AIAS at SIUC did a great job tapping into the universities resources in order to bring a variety of fun and engaging workshops. Here are some highlights from the weekend:

Day 1: Getting there

We figured the cheapest way to get down to Carbondale, which is 6 hours away from IIT, was to rent one big van to fit a lot of people. Apparently the van was dirty when I went to pick it up, so Enterprise hooked us up with a pretty sweet 7 passenger Chevy Tahoe. We were already off to a good start on this trip:

Upon our arrival to Carbondale, the Art and Design Showcase was in full swing, we registered for workshops and snacked:

Day 2: 14 Hours of Architecture Fun

Glass bead making workshop – we each got to make our own glass beads!

NCARB Lecture, iitAIAS members learning about licensure and the Intern Development Program

Lunch/Midday Break: Conference attendees were served pizza from a local pizza joint. The weather was great and the campus is beautiful.

Some of the iitAIAS members went off to explore SIUC’s School of Architecture studio spaces

Probably the best Architectural History Tour/Lecture/Talk/Discussion we have been on. Thanks Prof. Davey!

Glass Blowing Demonstration: a really awesome process, let’s do this in M&M!

Evening festivities: The keynote lecture , dinner, and social were held at a winery about a half hour away from the hotels. Buses transported attendees to the fun filled evening.

What a great weekend! We got so much out of the conference. We made a bunch of new friends from other universities, we bonded as members of our chapter, we learned new things about art and architecture, we danced…. and we returned to IIT with a new sense of excitement and enthusiasm to work through the rest of the semester. If the opportunity to attend an AIAS conference comes your way, we suggest you take it! You won’t regret the experience!


2 Replies to “Spring 2011 Midwest Quad Conference Recap”

  1. Hey AIAS IIT!

    Great post! I just found this and have to say I had a blast at the MWQC as well. Thanks for sharing this!


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