Fall 2010 Design Charrette

Last October iitAIAS had its third semi-annual design charrette.

The challenge for this charrette was to design a student activity center(bar, bowling, bungie jumbing, etc.) and a commuter center (study rooms, bike storage, and small rentable bedrooms). The program was ripe with interesting possibilities and was located on a excellent piece of IIT real estate; the parking lot next to Jahn’s SSV and across the street from Rem’s MTCC.

So at 9am on a saturday the fun began and Joe started it off by taking the teams to the site.

After soaking in the site we all escaped from the cold back into Crown and got to work.

Our fearless leaders helped keep everything organized and running great.

Right away we broke up into the groups and got started on what would be a great day of design.

The teams worked their butts off till lunch when we we all got some sandwiches and took a little breather from the intense designing. After lunch, profs. Lukasz Kowalczyk, Leslie Johnson, Benjamin Riley, and Paul Pettigrew stopped by to give the teams midday critiques.

Armed with new insight about our designs the teams went into final crunchtime mode to get the drawings and models done by the 5pm pinup. When pinup came around we had several judges including IIT professors Tim Brown, Lynsey Sorrell, Martin Klaeschen, as well as two University of Venice professors.

After deliberations the judges decided on the winners. The Fall 2010 Design Charrette winners are:

First Place

Abiola Armel Sagbohan
Andres Lemus
Laura Roca
Michael Gillhouse

Second Place

Davide Clementi
Davide Prioli
Andrea Mancini
Pietro Sava

Third Place

Silvia Strappazzon
Martinia Chighine
Caterina Mucignat
Gederico Maria Pivetta


Thanks to all the participants, professors, sponsors, and everyone who worked hard to make this Charrette possible



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