Thai Thank You

Thia Thank You
(Rice & Noodles) is located at 3248 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago. So heres the deal, we were planning on going to this great sushi place (House of Sushi and Noodles) and being a Friday night there was a 45 minute wait, but well worth it if it wasn’t 20 degrees outside. So we decided to back track towards the train station to Thai Thank You. Although we were one of two groups in the restaurant, I am sure the dinner crowd had already passed. I ordered a standard fried rice with shrimp but unexpectedly got some raisins and nuts mixed in, they added great flavor and twist to a typical fried rice dish. For an appetizer I order Crab Rangoon and… WOW! BEST CRAB RANGOON IN CHICAGO!!! The sauce they served with it + the right texture of the filling + + the right crunch = perfect Rangoon. I would defiantly suggest checking out Thai Thank You to appeal your Crab Rangoon cravings.


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